Selected Invited talks and Presentations

Link Prediction in Weighted Networks

(IEEE Workshop on Machine Learning for Signal Processing, MLSP 2011)

Tensor Decomposition Approaches for the Modeling of Multi-Graphs(Three-way Methods in Chemistry and Psychology, TRICAP 2012)

Non-parametric Bayesian Models for Complex Networks
(Vision Day, DTU Informatics)

Bayesian Models for Complex Networks
(BioComplexity Wednesday Meetings and Special Lectures, NBI, Copenhagen University)

Presentation at FuturICT Nordic Hub
(Kick-off meeting for FuturICT Nordic Hub, Aalto University, Finland)


Modeling Latency and Shape Changes in Trial Based Neuroimaging Data
(ASILOMAR-SSC 2011 special session on Tensor-Based Array Signal Processing)

Frequency constrained Shift CP modeling for NeuroImaging data
(ASILOMAR-SSC 2011 special session on Multivariate and Multimodal Analysis of Brain Signals)

Tranformation Invariant Sparse Coding
(IEEE Workshop on Machine Learning for Signal Processing, MLSP 2011)

Mining graphs by Relational Modeling
(PhD summer School at Section for Cognitive Systems, IMM 02901)

Trilinear decomposition methods for the analysis of EEG and fMRI
(Psychology and Brain, Heidelberg, 2011) also presented in Lübeck 2011.

Network Models of Functional Brain Connectivity
(Inaugurational Symposium of the
Contact project, 2011)



Applications of tensor decomposition in data mining and machine learning
(NIPS Workshop on Tensors Kernels and Machine Learning, NIPS-TKML 2010)

Tensor decomposition for mining the consistent reproducible patterns in neuroimaging data
(Workshop on Tensor Decomposition and Applications,
TDA 2010)

Archetypal Analysis for Machine Learning
(IEEE Workshop on Machine Learning for Signal Processing,
MLSP 2010)

Graph mining by relational modeling
(PhD summer School at Section for Cognitive Systems,
IMM 02901)

Bayesian Methods for Tensor Decomposition
(Trends in Numerical Computing,

Shape and Latency modeling of Neuroimaging Data
(Talk given at seminars at TU Berlin and
Institute for Computing and Information Sciences Radboud University Nijmegen)



Learning Latent Structure of Complex Networks
(NIPS workshop on
Analyzing Networks and Learning with Graphs)

Latent Causal Modeling of Neuroimaging Data
Workshop on Connectivity Inference in Neuroimaging, CINI 2009)

Tuning Pruning in Sparse Non-negative Matrix Factorization
(European Signal Processing Conference,

Unsupervised Multi-way Decompositions
(Advances in magnetic resonance imaging of human brain structure and function,
PhD couse at DRCMR)

Clustering on the simplex
(European Workshop on Massive Modern Datasets,

Sparse Coding and Automatic Relevance Determination for Multi-way models
(Signal Processing with Adaptive Sparse Structured Representations,

Bayesian and Non-linear Multi-way modelling
(Three-way Methods in Chemistry and Psychology,
TRICAP 2009)



Modeling Trial Based Neuroimaging Data
(NIPS workshop on New Directions in Statistical Learning for Meaningful and Reproducible fMRI Analysis.)

PhD defense presentation
(Technical University of Denmark, September 3rd, 2008)

Seminar on L1 constrained optimization
(Informatics and Mathematical Modeling)

Approximate L0 constrained non-negative Matrix and Tensor Factorization
(International Conference on Circuits and Systems, ISCAS 2008)



Shift Invariant Data Decomposition,
(Berkeley 2007 and IACG07)

Multiplicative updates for the LASSO
(IEEE Workshop on Machine Learning for Signal Processing,
MLSP 2007)

Shifted Non-negative Matrix Factorization
(IEEE Workshop on Machine Learning for Signal Processing,
MLSP 2007)

Sparseness constraints and non-negative tensor decomposition
(International Conference on Industrial and Applied Mathematics,
ICIAM 2007)

Shifted Independent Component Analysis
(International Conference on Independent Component Analysis 2007)



Non-negative Tensor Decompositions,
(Talk given at Sandia August 2
nd 2006, Berkeley August 25th 2006 and Stanford October 4th 2006.)

An introduction to ERPWAVELAB
(1st International Summer School in Biomedical Engineering,
Erfurt 2006)

Extensions of non-negative matrix factorization to higher order data,
Three-way Methods in Chemistry and Psychology, TRICAP 2006)

Extensions of Non-negative Matrix Factorization (NMF) to Higher Order Data
(Workshop on Algorithms for Massive Modern Datasets
(MMDS) - Stanford 2006)



Decomposing the event related EEG using Parallel Factor (PARAFAC)
(Workshop on Tensor decompositions,
CIRM 2005)

Parallel Factor Analysis as an exploratory tool for wavelet transformed event related EEG
(Human Brain Mapping, HBM 2005)

Morten Mørup

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